Classroom Furniture Layouts

Furniture layouts can be a useful tool. Please see the provided furniture layouts. The furniture layouts are provided by UNT Facilities. If you have questions, please feel free to contact them accordingly.

ART: ART Building

AUDB: Auditorium-English Building

BLB: Business Leadership Building

CHEM: Chemistry Building

CHIL: Chilton Hall

COL: Coliseum

CURY: Curry Hall

ESB: Environmental Education, Science & Technology Building

ESSC: Eagle Student Services Center

FRHB: Frisco Hall Park B

FRSC: Frisco Hall Park

GAB: General Academic Building

GATE: Gateway Building

HKRY: Hickory Hall

INSPPK: Inspire Park

LANG: Language Building

LIFE: Life Sciences

MATT: Matthews Hall

PEB: Physical Education Building

PHYS: Physics Building

RSP: Discovery Park

RTFP: Radio, TV, Film and Performing Arts

SAGE: Sage Hall

TH: Terrill Hall

WH: Wooten Hall